Do you need administrative help during your recovery? CURA is there for you

If you have had an accident, fallen or have a health problem, you are often overwhelmed by paperwork. When you leave the hospital or institution where you have been treated, you may not have the energy, courage or physical condition to deal with the paperwork or even your collected mail. CURA therefore offers you administrative help to relieve you and your family. Family members are usually the ones who help us in these kinds of situations. Unfortunately, they do not always have the time to arrange everything.

One of CURA's services is administrative assistance. This assistance includes many services and one of its particularities is the administrative management during your recovery or that of one of your loved ones. CURA takes care of the payment of the invoices, the claiming of the necessary compensations (mutual health insurance or insurances), ... All this administrative management is carried out with your agreement and consent. In this way, you can rest and recover more quickly.
CURA knows that during recovery it is difficult to control everything. For example, did you know that if you have had treatment in the month prior to your admission, part of it may be reimbursed (depending on your coverage). These are small details that are not always considered and to which you are entitled.

If you are in hospital, CURA can, at your request and with a signed agreement, visit you at home to collect your mail, return your belongings, throw away run-down food and full rubbish bags, water your plants and make sure your house is cleaned. When you return, everything is tidy, clean, the fridge is full and you can recover in a quiet way.


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