CURA Services
an invaluable help for everyone

CURA Services was born from the desire to relieve the daily administrative burden.

We are faced with pitfalls, not only related to ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION but also related to ADMINISTRATIVE DIGITALIZATION.

To this is added HEALTH. Different pathologies that everyone faces: you have to organize yourself for the future, anticipate a move, manage hospitalization, consider an extrajudicial mandate.

The CURANIZER is your RELAY. He supports you by offering his EXPERTISE to better organize your administrative and your future. And finally, by his AVAILABILITY, he / she is aware of your daily life and therefore able to follow up.

Our common life path can be turned upside down: a BURNOUT, ACCIDENT, ILLNESS, DIVORCE, MOVING, HOSPITALIZATION, PROFESSIONAL CHANGES, BIRTH, DEATH. We can all be confronted with administrative problems in the course of our life.

CURA Services is a human and digital solution to streamline and optimize your ecosystem of everyone between your banker, broker, nurse, trustee, notary, doctor, physiotherapist, lawyer, household help, mutual insurance company, family, etc.

Whether you are an individual, a self-employed person, a business owner, independent, dependent, valid, disabled, and whatever your choice of domicile, all the services offered by CURA aim to promote serenity.

Since 2013, our team of Curanizers, passionate about administrative management and organization, has come to your home.
We help you find the right solutions for you, taking into account all of your needs and wishes.

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