CURA helps you make, supervise and follow up your medical appointments.

One of the most important services valued by our clients is "appointment management". After all, many of our older clients do not necessarily think about making appointments, keeping track of them, being in order or following all the instructions given at the time of the appointment. That is why CURA offers you this support. In the meantime, here are a few tips you can follow yourself.
From a certain age it is necessary to do a regular follow-up with regard to sight, hearing, oral hygiene and a general check-up. At any age it is advisable to go to the dentist at least once a year and it is advisable to go every 6 months. Regular appointments help to avoid risks and to find out if there are any problems. As far as the ophthalmologist is concerned, it is advisable to go every 2 years if you have no problems with your eyesight, your glasses or if you have no headache. However, if these problems occur or are part of your daily life, it is generally advisable to make an appointment every year. Your ophthalmologist will then tell you how often he or she wants to see you. If you feel your hearing decreases, you can start with a hearing test before going to a professional.


So we have already treated the classic appointments. However, depending on your age and your health, you may have other appointments, such as a visit to your cardiologist, gastroenterologist or neurologist. As a result, there may be many contacts, many appointments that may follow tests, examinations, ... So it is not always easy to manage everything.
First of all, CURA suggests that you draw up a calendar for people who can work digitally. In this way you can manage the appointments in an autonomous way. This notification is displayed on the computer one day before your appointment with reminders and even one hour before your appointment. If you connect a watch, we can also put various reminders on it. For those who prefer a paper calendar, we provide one that suits you and your life. We make sure that you write down all your appointments and that you are reminded of them so that you don't forget them.


One of the services we offer and for which you can choose is to guide you to your appointments. Why do we propose this? Many of our clients do not write down or remember everything. With your permission and, of course, in complete confidentiality, we bring you by car to your appointment and are present throughout the entire process. This allows us to take note of the recommendations, process your doctor's prescription and then take all the steps together with you.


We help you with all the steps following an appointment, namely: guiding you to the pharmacy, making other appointments for examinations, tests or with another doctor, checking whether or not you have supplementary insurance and, in this case, checking your possible reimbursements. We will note this information in a document containing appointments and visits to your home by the healthcare providers. In this way you will always have an overview of the appointments you have made and those that will follow. With your permission and in accordance with your decision, we may also pass on this information to your family members who were unable to attend the appointments and inform them of the steps to follow.


It is also important to use all the technologies available today, and for those who wish to do so, we can help and guide you in a teleconsultation. Teleconsultation is on the rise in Belgium and some urge their clients to make use of this option, which allows them to be treated quickly if it is simple and also to use this option when you are abroad.

Here is our advice on making, supervising and following up your medical appointments. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone if you need more information or help. Every person is unique and we know how to adapt to these different situations. It is our experience with different clients that has made us strong.

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