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CURA Services’ mission is to promote the autonomy, especially of the elderly, by equipping them and their family circle with the human and technical resources with which to organize their daily lives.

CURA Services offers you an administrative structure that is both dynamic and tailored to your needs through its range of “à la carte” services provided by supporters known as Curanizers.

CURA Services relieves the Senior and their families from the daily administrative burden.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, CURA Services is the brainchild of Pauline Dubois. Pauline took care of her grandparents on a daily basis during her studies and her first job. She became concerned as she had less and less time to devote to them owing to the demands of day-to-day life. She searched for an organization that could help them in a more official capacity. In vain.

So Pauline set out to develop an assistance package for older people and, on founding CURA Services, finally devoted herself to this full-time.

The Curanizer

How do we work?

  • Curanizers visit clients in their own homes, gathering all the information they need to be able to assess and define the remit of their role.
  • Following this initial discussion, the Curanizer and the client agree on a “roadmap” that can be adapted as and when required throughout the assignment.
  • This dynamic creates a special “made to measure” relationship between the Curanizer and the client, ensuring a single, familiar point of contact and complete confidentiality.
  • Each roadmap is fed into a digital global management system that enables client data to be continuously updated and permits a seamless response to any change in circumstances. This global management system can be accessed both by the client and by his family, if the latter is involved in the care request, thereby ensuring optimal collaboration from the start.
  • All Curanizers adhere to the principles of the CURA Services Charter, which is founded on the human values conferred by CURA Services’ social vocation.

Find the closest Curanizer to you.

  • In & around Brussels | Pauline, Véronique and Gregory
  • In Flanders | Dominique
  • In Wallonie | Nicolas


Curanizer Brussels
0473 86 32 74

An ICHEC Graduate, Pauline began her career as a financial auditor at PwC. Throughout this period, Pauline provided support to her grandparents. It was obvious to her that there was no one else available to do this. She created CURA in 2013 to meet this ever-growing demand in the most efficient way possible – by establishing a family management platform and a network of consultants in the field: “Curanizers”.


Curanizer Brussels
0478 340 184

An LSM Graduate, Véronique studied Healthcare Management with a view to managing a nursing home. She obtained COCOF accreditation in 2016 and decided to focus on the care of individuals affected by a loss of autonomy. She joined CURA in February 2017.


Curanizer Bruxelles
0475 850 869

A Law Graduate from LLN University, Gregory started his career as a Lawyer at the French Brussels Bar. Throughout his work and personal life, he has been attentive to the well-being of the elderly, especially his grand-parents, facing daily life tasks that seem more and more insurmountable over the years. His professional experience and empathy are essential to our team.

He joined CURA in October 2017.


Curanizer Flanders
0476 407 455

After completing her secretarial studies, Dominique worked as an administrative manager in a variety of sectors at the same time as offering support to a number of older family members. Her sensitivity and listening skills, combined with her administrative expertise and her talent for coordination, make her a real asset to the CURA team, which she joined in August 2017.


Curanizer Wallonië
0494 12 57 82

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Interested in working for CURA?

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CURA Services offer you 5 services.

Click on each of our services to find out more.

CURA Services work on a standalone basis or can be combined to suit your needs.

Administrative management

We can help you with the management of your bills (deadlines, direct debits, bank transfers) and other administrative procedures (change of address, change of supplier, hospitalization documents, health insurance, other insurance policies, etc.) by assisting you in your dealings with the different parties involved.

Upon request, we can draw up a list of your recurring expenses to avoid unnecessary costs and to help you manage your budget, both now and in the future.

Day-to-day support and management

By scheduling your appointments (whether medical, administrative or practical) and attending them if you so desire, we provide valuable relief and reassurance. We can also defend your interests when necessary, ask the right questions and make a note of important information and explanations that you might otherwise have missed.

In the case of regular monitoring, a dual agenda is put in place.

Rethinking the living space

For people who wish to stay in their own homes, certain modifications (ramps, stairlift, etc.) may be required to enable them to continue to lead as independent and comfortable a life as possible.

No modifications are carried out without the client’s express agreement. If given the go-ahead, CURA will take care of the follow-up.

Preparation for the future

We can assist you in the measures to be taken in the event that a departure from your home becomes unavoidable. We can also arrange for the installation of any protective equipment that may be required following the death of one partner, whether for yourself or for your surviving spouse who will inevitably require assistance.

Life File

Your CURA “Life File” gives you the tools with which to identify and gather together the contact details of all the key parties in your life: medical staff, financial institutions, lawyers, notaries, suppliers… as well as close family and any special contacts.

The aim of this file is to alleviate the stress of a wide variety of possible scenarios (hospitalization, relocation, illness, death, succession, loss of contacts), both critical and less critical, by providing a detailed picture of the infrastructure already in place so as to be able to help you, quickly and efficiently, to contact those individuals with whom you are already familiar. In the event of missing contacts, we are there to advise you.


Our first meeting is always free of charge: we visit you at home to evaluate your needs and agree on a course of action.

Contact us for more information


Rethinking the living space and day-to-day support and management

Dad has been living alone for years. In recent years, his health has become more fragile but he refuses to leave his apartment. I was upset not to be able to visit him as much as I wanted in order to manage his situation. I was told about CURA. The first meeting with my father was great and Veronique and Dad immediately hit it off. Veronique has put in place a series of services like home meal deliveries, a daily visit from a nurse and physiotherapist as well as installing bed rails to avoid falls at night, an emergency-call button and a shower chair. On top of that, she keeps track of apartment maintenance and Dad’s appointment book. I never thought I would find this type of service, it’s invaluable to me.

Francine, 60

Administrative management

When my husband died, I felt completely at sea as he had always taken care of everything. My nurse told me about Pauline. We organized a first meeting. Straightaway, Pauline took care of gathering together all the documents needed for the succession in collaboration with the notary. What a relief. Since his death, she has helped me sort through my papers, track my mail and keep to a monthly budget. I can truly trust her and ask for her help.

Colette, 79

Day-to-day support and management

We had chosen to live in a serviced residence. My husband was not well and I was overwhelmed. However, we found it difficult to adapt. We decided to leave. Managing a move was inconceivable to me, but Pauline took charge of coordinating everything: movers, inventory, address change, mail redirection, rental deposit … I would never have managed without her and we would probably still be in our residence. Pauline reassured us and literally accompanied us until we were settled.

Lucienne, 82

Preparation for the future

My husband has always been very organized. Me, not so much. Pauline comes regularly to help my husband. We decided to make arrangements for our end of life. Pauline gave us a list of things to check, as a reminder. This did not happen overnight but Pauline accompanied us each step of the way (meeting with the notary to check that our marriage contract was in order and to file our wills, meeting with a lawyer specialized in estate planning, meeting with the funeral services, meeting with the appropriate authority to discuss organ donation and our wishes regarding medical care). My husband and I are delighted to have been able to do these things together and with our mental capacities intact. Thankfully Pauline was there.

Jean-Marie and Martine, 83 and 81

Day-to-day support and management

I work and take care of my children. My brother lives abroad. It has always been difficult to take Mum to the doctor as well as to understand what she tells us about these appointments. Ever since we asked CURA to join Mum on her medical visits, we are kept informed of every appointment, every blood test, every medication. A real blessing both for us and for Mum, who incidentally goes to the doctor much less frequently now.

Pascale, 50

Administrative management

I have 2 siblings and the 3 of us are no longer able to manage our parents’ administrative affairs. We called in Pauline. Today, it gives us a real feeling of relief to know that Pauline is there, visiting our parents regularly.

Michèle, 55

Our commitments to our clients

Your data
You are entitled to a confidential treatment of your personal information and documents.

Your autonomy
You have the right to lead a life as self-determined and independent as your physical and mental capacities allow. This right extends to the appointment of a third party by you.

Your well being
You have the right to have your dignity as a human being, your psychic and mental well-being, your freedom and your security respected.

A quality relationship
You are entitled to quality help and treatment, tailored to your personal needs and wishes.

Transparency, independence, impartiality
You are entitled to transparency in regards to procedures and fees. You are entitled to independence and impartiality in the advice and contacts suggested.